Be Your Own Advocate

One thing I have learned from seeing multiple doctors over the years was to be my own advocate. At my age, it is really easy for doctors to discount what I tell them and just shove medication down my throat. On my first trip to the GI doctor, I was worried they wouldn't believe me… Continue reading Be Your Own Advocate

The Low-FODMAP Diet for IBD

Recently, I have gotten a few questions from friends about the low-FODMAP diet and how it helps in controlling IBD or IBS symptoms, such as diarrhea, bloating, constipation and stomach pain. When I was first diagnosed with IBD, I was given a list of foods that I should be eating and a list of foods… Continue reading The Low-FODMAP Diet for IBD

Living With Gratitude

When I was first diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, practicing gratitude was hard. How could I be grateful that I got a chronic, autoimmune disease with no cure? Those of you that know me personally know that I am a Catholic, faith-based woman. I grew up in the Catholic church and actively practice my faith. My… Continue reading Living With Gratitude

The Importance of Essential Oils

Essential oils are a huge part of my bedtime routine. In addition to my white noise machine that I mentioned in my previous blog post about getting a good night's sleep, I have an essential oil diffuser I turn on about thirty minutes before I go to sleep. Essential oils have become very popular in… Continue reading The Importance of Essential Oils

A Book Review: What Doesn’t Kill You

I recently read Tessa Miller's book titled What Doesn't Kill You which has proved to be a big hit in the chronic illness community. A member of my support group recommended the book to me and without hesitation, I bought it. Through every word, I felt connected. By the end, I just hoped that even… Continue reading A Book Review: What Doesn’t Kill You

A Mother’s Day Tribute: The Caregiver’s Perspective

This past weekend was Mother's Day and as a tribute to my mom I wanted to talk about the caregiver's perspective of life with IBD. Not only did the diagnosis of ulcerative colitis change my life, it changed my family's life. Not many people talk about how a chronic illness diagnosis affects those around them… Continue reading A Mother’s Day Tribute: The Caregiver’s Perspective

Lessons I’ve Learned Living on My Own

It has been one month since I moved out of the comfort of my parent's house. While this month has been the toughest month of my life, I have learned a lot along the way. Living on your own is definitely not easy. It requires a lot of extra effort, which sometimes I do not… Continue reading Lessons I’ve Learned Living on My Own

The Gut-Brain Connection

Yesterday, I read this awesome article done by the Harvard Health blog about the gut-brain connection. I was so excited to find an article about this topic because I have been wondering ever since I was diagnosed if there was a connection. Having IBD has made me much more conscious about what is going on… Continue reading The Gut-Brain Connection

The Enneagram Personality Test

Recently, a friend mentioned the Enneagram personality test to me which I had never heard of before. Apparently, this test has been gaining traction in recent years and is a great way to learn more about yourself including the patterns in how you interpret the world and manage your emotions. The Enneagram test describes nine… Continue reading The Enneagram Personality Test

Letting Go of Fear

Don't let fear dominate your life! Too often, I use fear as an excuse not to do things. Like I mentioned in my previous blog post, I tend to let fear set invisible limits on what I can or cannot do. I exceed those limits every single time, teaching myself that I am much more… Continue reading Letting Go of Fear