My Personal Journey

As some of you may know, I was diagnosed with a chronic health condition called ulcerative colitis back in January 2019. This was after I had returned from Spain and London, but before I traveled to Chile. As you can imagine, this put up many roadblocks for me and instilled the fear of uncertainty. Would I be able to travel again? What happens if I get sick while abroad? Will I ever get better?

These were questions I had to ask myself before traveling to Chile. Luckily, I got my health under control (somewhat) before traveling to Chile and I had a wonderful time, with the exception of my last week there (you can read more in my post “The End of Another Grand Adventure”). Nonetheless, I refuse to let my disease control my life, which is why I will continue to travel and do things that I am passionate about. I am strong-willed and a fighter. I do not give up on things easily, and I hope that is transparent as you read through My Personal Journey. If I can inspire one person with my resilience and strength, then I would be doing my job right with this blog.

While having a chronic health condition is always an uphill battle, I know that I can get through it with the support of my friends and family, and most importantly, you!