Finding Focus through Meditation

I know meditation may not be for everybody, but hear me out on this one. Like I mentioned in my previous post, self-care is the most important way to improve mental health. Under the umbrella of self-care, I include meditation. I started getting into meditating after I attended a few yoga classes about three years… Continue reading Finding Focus through Meditation

My Tips for Better Mental Health

Yesterday, I participated in a Mental Health First Aid training for work. The purpose of the training is to be prepared to understand, identify and respond to someone experiencing a mental health or substance use challenge. Mental Health First Aid doesn't teach you to be a therapist, but it does teach you how you can… Continue reading My Tips for Better Mental Health

Shifting Focus

I started this blog a few years back before I took my first study abroad trip to Spain. I intended for it to be a travel blog, which it was for a while. But with the current COVID situation that has plagued us for almost a year now in the United States, I believe it's… Continue reading Shifting Focus